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High quality, healthy and sustainable premium fish

Providing Chefs with the fresh high quality expected in the discerning world of professional gastronomy is at the heart of our operation, informing our choices: such as setting a new bar for sustainability practices, using only the highest grade organic feed, or growing our Yellowtail antibiotics free in pure optimal conditions; providing the natural pristine environment required to produce the highest quality of healthy and sustainable premium fish.


And it seems to show in the taste! We work closely with a select group of Ambassador Chefs* to make sure our quality is always superb, and to explore and develop the various ways in which the Yellowtail Kingfish can add to an exquisite culinary experience.

With a delicate taste, a light pink/white fillet and a nice firm bite, the Yellowtail Kingfish naturally lends itself to multiple uses- from cold smoke to grilled, baked, or raw, the fish combines well with various different flavors"

Mart Scherp

Chef at Restaurant Scherp, Middelburg

Member of the Jeunes Restaurateurs

Ambassador Chef for Kingfish Zeeland


 Barton Seaver meets the Dutch Yellowtail


Want to work with our

Dutch Yellowtail?

Chefs interested in trying our Dutch Yellowtail, participating in farm visits and cooking sessions, and learning more about our Ambassador Chef Program, please contact us!


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