The team behind the Dutch Yellowtail

The founders of the Kingfish Company, Ohad Maiman, former VP of the Merhav Group, Kees Kloet of Silt Farm, and Hans den Bieman, Director of Sealand and former CEO of Marine Harvest, bring a unique and complimentary combination of hands-on Yellowtail farming, senior management in the Aquaculture field, and a diverse project development background. 


Megan Sorby

Development Manager

After obtaining a master’s degree at the University of Stirling, Megan has worked in the aquaculture industry over 10 years. Megan has focused on facility development and new technologies for alternative species. Expertise in broodstock and procedural development, system design and water chemistry and proven success in facility planning and permitting.

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Tom Sorby

Operations Manager

Tom has spent many years in the aquaculture industry between the US and Canada and has focused on the development of new species with proven success in this area. With expertise in system design and operation as well as larval rearing. Tom enjoys figuring out creative solutions for overcoming difficulties in the fish rearing process. He obtained a master’s degree in Sustainable Aquaculture from the University of Stirling.


Tom Reynolds


Tom had a wide range of experience with a variety of different fish species in large scale RAS systems. With a focus in system design and operation and expertise in procedural development, system development, grow-out efficiency, and harvest management. He obtained a master’s degree in Sustainable Aquaculture Systems from the University of Plymouth.


Maine Team


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